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We’ve just collected a national training award!

08 February 2011

Less than a year ago we launched a new service to meet expected demand for Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (Driver CPC) training. Since then we’ve trained over 600 drivers, the highest number in Driver Hire’s 90-plus office network. But according to Driver Hire’s Chief Executive, Chris Chidley, the reason we earned Driver Hire’s inaugural training award was for more than just winning the numbers game.

“They invested in a dedicated trainer and that’s paid off with excellent feedback from drivers who’ve attended the course. Oxford is also an excellent team player within our network and use their training expertise to assist other Driver Hire offices with Driver CPC training.”

Introduced in 2009, Driver CPC training is now an accredited industry standard and a legal requirement for drivers of large commercial vehicles. It’s designed to improve the knowledge and skills of HGV drivers and enhance safety on our roads. The introduction of Driver CPC gives goods vehicle drivers, who play an often underestimated but nonetheless essential role in UK commerce, a recognised qualification.

Driver Hire Oxford’s owner Lorraine Thompson added: “We’re really pleased to have our efforts recognised in this way. Special thanks must go to our trainer, Majid Shafiq, who’s doing a splendid job for us. I think the secret of our success is flexibility – for instance we offer training courses at a weekend. We also ensure that the subjects we cover under Driver CPC assist local businesses to run more efficiently, which obviously enhances its appeal.”

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