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Driver CPC Training



Driver CPC – What’s it all about?


The Driver CPC is for professional LGV and PCV drivers. It is designed to improve the knowledge and skills of drivers, and enhance the safety on our roads, as a requirement of EU Directive 2003/59.

Existing LGV drivers benefit from ‘acquired rights’ and do not have to take a fresh driving test. However, they must undertake 35 hours’ periodic training before 10 September 2014 to keep their Driver CPC valid.

 New drivers gaining a category C, C1, or C+E licence now have to obtain the initial Driver CPC in addition to their licence to drive professionally. They must then undertake periodic training every 5 years to keep their Driver CPC valid.

There are some exemptions but the Driver CPC is now compulsory for most professional drivers. Training must be undertaken in 7-hour blocks and the best way for any driver to meet their obligations is to spread their training over several years.


Available Courses at Aire Valley Training Centre, Keighley



Saturday 2nd August 2014 Modules yet to be advised - full! 




For full course details or to reserve a place please call 01535 663000


Driver CPC Modules

Driver Hire currently offers ten different modules, each lasting 3.5 hours, enabling you to combine any two modules to build a single days training.


The following modules are available:


Driving Commercially in the United Kingdom

Covers skills required to be a professional driver including: Health & Safety, Drivers’ Hours, Working Time Directive and an introduction to fuel efficient driving. By the end of this session delegates will have a broad understanding of the legal, safety and efficiency requirements of driving a commercial goods vehicle in the UK.

Dealing with On-Road Occurrences

Professional drivers have to be prepared for the unexpected. This could include accidents, roadside checks, vehicle breakdowns and even road rage! By the end of this session delegates will have an understanding of how to deal with many of the different circumstances that can arise whilst out driving commercially.


Road Traffic Laws LGV Driver Awareness

Road transport is heavily regulated. So, as well as driving safely and efficiently, understanding instructions and finding their way around, professional drivers must know about the legal side of their job. This session covers vehicle weights, vehicle safety, the Highway Code and the bodies policing the industry.


Customer Service in the Transport Industry

Professional drivers are ambassadors for your business. So they need to understand the vital importance of customer service and the benefits of getting it right. By the end of this session delegates will know how to deliver great customer service whilst building strong relationships with everyone they come into contact with.


Fuel Efficient Driving

Provides drivers with effective and easily adopted techniques to help them drive in a safer more fuel efficient way. Lessons learned on this module have been shown to improve fuel economy by up to 20%.


EU Drivers’ Hours & RT(WT)R

Provides drivers with a thorough working knowledge of Drivers’ Hours and Working Time legislation. All they need to know to stay safe – and on the right side of the law.


Digital Tachograph

More and more vehicles are fitted with digital tachographs. This module provides all the information needed to deal with a ‘digi’ on a day-to-day basis.


Introduction to Health and Safety

This course covers the general rules and responsibilities facing the professional driver, as well as the reasons ‘Health and Safety’ rules exist in the first place.


Site-related Health and Safety

The second Health and Safety course deals more specifically with issues relating to the transport industry and on-site Health & Safety e.g. site safety, safe loading, vehicle checks, safe driving and fitness to drive.


Delivery Driving

A module which will help improve the working day of any delivery driver, and enhance customer service. It covers issues like route planning, vehicle checks, dealing with customers and effective communication.

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