Simulation and Virtual Reality Training

Simulation & Virtual Reality Training

Simulation is fast becoming a credible alternative to traditional methods of driver training delivery, and as such DriveWise offers synthetic training alternatives through simulators and virtual reality (VR).


Single Seat Simulator

The Single Seat Simulator has been developed to raise awareness of various driving related topics that have the potential to become dangerous, including distracted driving, fatigue, winter driving and hazard awareness.

The simulator is optimised to support training through a comprehensive suite of driver training courseware and maximises the amount of training that can be delivered through simulation, thus providing highly effective and repeatable learning benefits for delegates.

Features and benefits include:

  • Driver training platform incorporating behavioural change
  • Vehicle controls – representative high-fidelity driving experience
  • Transportable for ease of deployment
  • Training in complete safety
  • Repeatable
  • Cost-effective

Virtual Reality System

The Virtual Reality System is specifically aimed at parking and manoeuvring,

one of the main areas of concern for a fleet/transport manager.

The training scenarios include:

  • Parallel parking
  • Bay parking
  • Manoeuvring through a busy car park
  • Spatial awareness
  • Reversing to the left and right

Why you should choose DriveWise?

All our courses are engaging, interactive and delivered by trained professionals. By choosing DriveWise, not only are you helping your employees to ensure they become better drivers, you are improving safety for them and all road users, reducing incidents and gaining maximum ROI that will make a real difference to your organisation.

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