National Lorry Week

We're proud supporters of The RHA's National Lorry Week because we want everyone to see what we already know - that the haulage is the life-blood of the country! Join in with the seventh annual National Lorry Week, 25th - 31st October 2021.

Driver Hire is proud to support National Lorry Week for the seventh year, 25th – 31st October 2021

Held annually by the Road Haulage Association (RHA), National Lorry Week is a week-long campaign which raises awareness of, and celebrates, the incredible work that the UK haulage industry does for us all. And not just in tough times – but every single day of the year.

Lockdown shone a light on logistics

When the UK entered the first national lockdown on 23 March 2020, it quickly became clear just how much the nation relies on trucks and truckers to deliver food, medicines and the all-important personal protection equipment to the NHS.

This is one of the positive things for our industry that came out of the pandemic, that the general public perhaps realised again just how vital drivers and other logistics professionals are to the way we all want to live our lives.

The fact of the matter is, lorry drivers, and the logistics industry as a whole, have always been a vital ‘behind the scenes’ in our lives. Driver Hire has been supplying drivers to keep the country moving for over 35 years and during busy periods, for example in the run up to Christmas which is our busiest time of year, every year, lorry drivers are incredibly busy ensuring food, products, fuel and other goods are delivered where they need to be 24/7.

This year is no exception – in fact, due to the pressures that have been widely reported in the media, lorry drivers are likely to be busier than ever.

Greater awareness, more respect and even better opportunities

There’s a greater awareness of how finely tuned the supply chain is and hopefully, people have stronger appreciation for truck drivers. It’s a job that carries huge responsibilities – from road safety to the simple value of the vehicle and its load. It can also be a very rewarding career.

Professional drivers deserve respect and to be rewarded for the job that they do. Hopefully, as people realise just how essential they are, conditions will improve and more people will be drawn in to the industry.

In terms of incentives and pay-outs, driving is not the only sector where this is happening, but it is attracting a lot of media attention at the moment. It’s to be hoped that this is one early sign that people are starting to attach a greater value to this particular career choice.

How you can help

The pressure on driver supply is down to a number of factors, among other things, the impact of Brexit, changes to tax regulations, and a significant fall in the number of people who were able to take a commercial vehicle driving test last year due to the pandemic. It’s a problem that has been brewing for many years. Also, the remarkable bounce-back of the UK economy, whilst very welcome, is too part of the issue as the entire employment market is not really geared up to deal with such sudden adjustments. That’s why you’re seeing pressure on roles across industry, not just in logistics.

There isn’t a short-term fix for this issue – certainly there’s no single solution – but ultimately we have to help people to see how rewarding a career in driving and logistics can be, attract a more diverse range of people into the industry and make it as easy as possible for them to take the first steps on the ladder.

A greater general appreciation for the essential role that drivers play in all of our lives is a useful starting point.

Considering a career in Logistics?

For those considering driving as a career choice, browse through our resources to find information on training and how to upgrade your licence, case studies and other details.

The haulage and logistics industry offers some incredible opportunities to both the younger generation and those who are considering a change of career. If you’re looking into logistics industry, check out our resources section: ‘Starting out in Logistics‘. If you’re looking for work at the moment, why not browse our jobs board or contact your local Driver Hire office for more information on work available in your area.

Don’t forget, you can also share your stories to inspire the next generation by getting involved in social media activity on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram – include hashtags #LoveTheLorry during #NationalLorryWeek.

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