Agency Management System (AMS)

Driver Hire’s Agency Management System (AMS) is a simple to use, web-based portal that enables you to control and manage your agency staff requirements online

AMS is particularly useful for large, multi-site organisations who use temporary staff on a regular basis. Users benefit from increased visibility of their temporary staff usage and more effective planning of their ongoing requirements, as well as significantly reducing administrative tasks and associated back office costs.

Set Up

Replicating your company structure within the system, we can build a bespoke booking approval process, allowing you greater control of your spend

Placing a Booking

Our unique booking platform allows you to create an entire shift pattern for all of your requirements in one go.  Increasing transparency, associated costs are instantly visible and you can track shift fulfilment in real-time using our traffic light system.


Seamlessly interacting with our internal operating system, AMS increases compliance and efficiency, giving you peace of mind

Approving Timesheets

Before we provide you with one consolidated invoice, covering all of your locations, you approve your timesheets, and therefore invoices online, minimising queries and saving time and money


Download MI at any time, showing you how many candidates you have out working and where or what you are spending at any one time.


A simple to use online web-based portal that enables you to control and manage agency staff requirements online.

  • Customer defined booking & invoicing processes – providing control of agency spend
  • Improves fill rates
  • Reduces risk via ‘built in’ compliance gateways
  • More efficient engagement with the Driver Hire network saving time and money
  • Improves visibility of agency spend & provides access to live MI including fill rates
  • Indirect cost savings – via improved fill rates, a single weekly consolidated invoice, and process efficiencies in the booking process.

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