Safe Manual Handling

Manual handling is an everyday task in most workplaces, but it is also one of the most common causes of workplace injuries.

It is in the best interests of both the employer and the employee to ensure that manual handling is carried out in the safest possible way. Often, the cause of the injury is not what is being moved, but how it is moved. Adopting a few simple rules can make all the difference between achieving objectives and time off work for a bad back.

This eLearning module takes approximately 30 minutes to complete and all training carried out is recorded. You will be provided with a detailed report, which demonstrates that you have a formal review process in place for your drivers.

The course includes:

  • Safe manual handling and the law
  • The costs of poor manual handling
  • Hazards and risk assessment
  • Correct lifting technique
  • Manual handling equipment

Course objectives
By the end of the session, learners will be able to demonstrate correct lifting methods and what equipment to use to make lifting easier. Learners will also understand the laws governing safe manual handling and be able to perform a risk assessment.

The easiest, most convenient way of training and assessing your drivers

Whether you’re a small business or running a fleet of hundreds of vehicles, driver training is a vital ingredient in effective risk management for your business.

Our eLearning services provide you with high quality training and assessments, ideal for screening new drivers as well as keeping your current drivers up to date. And because eLearning can take place any time, anywhere, it is the perfect way of delivering essential training to busy people.

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