Driver case studies

94% of candidates are proud to work for Driver Hire. Here are a few words from them.

“I’ve worked in road transport for a quite a few years, initially as a drivers’ mate and more recently as a minibus driver on airport work. Anyway, I was looking for work and went to see the team at Driver Hire Wakefield. They’ve been really good and have kept me busy for the past 18 months, mainly on van work. The team look after me really well. If you’re a reliable driver there’s always work. And when they phone to check your availability they make you feel like you’re their first call for the job.”

Luke Adams, Driver Hire Wakefield


“I mix my HGV work with shifts as a systems controller in a warehouse. I love working for Driver Hire for a number of reasons. First and foremost, I get a wide variety of work from them. Every shift I do is different. Because my other job means I’m sat at a desk all day,  working for Driver Hire is a real change. Wherever I go, whoever I drive for, Driver Hire has a great reputation. They’re top notch. The variety of work I’m given means I get to drive lots of different vehicles – my favourite is a Mercedes Actros. Another great reason for working for Driver Hire is my boss there. He always has time to talk to you; he’s open, honest and explains each job carefully and concisely. I’d recommend working for Driver Hire to anyone.

Nicky Morris, Driver Hire Doncaster


My dad has driven trucks and buses; my granddad was a bus driver and my partner is a truck driver too. So I guess that professional driving is in my blood. I’ve been a PCV licence holder since I was 21, driving buses for many years. I then became a driving instructor  before I decided to take my HGV Category C licence five years ago. Of course when you are a recently qualified HGV driver some companies are hesitant about taking you on due to insurance. So I joined Driver Hire Wakefield. They helped me gain experience in the transport industry, enabling me to get full-time employment.  After a few years I decided to go back to Driver Hire because agency work gives me flexibility in the hours and days I wish to work. 

Steph Dyer, Driver Hire Wakefield


“I’ve had a Category C licence for 30-years—doing mainly tipper work.  I took a couple of years out because I was a bit fed up with driving. When I decided to get back into the cab I contacted Driver Hire. Been with them for about six years now.  I like working for them because it gives me flexibility – if I don’t want to work I don’t have to. The guys at Doncaster look after me really well. Working for Driver Hire Doncaster suits me down to the ground.”

Dean Bowen, Driver Hire Doncaster