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Permanent Staff

Permanent recruitment in the transport & logistics sector

The transport and logistics market is characterised by relatively high staff turnover - partly due to the skill shortages and demographics, and partly due to the nature of some of the work.

This means that recruitment for permanent staff can be almost an ongoing process. Traditionally for driving and logistics staff this process has been managed internally. If you’ve ever done this you will know what a distraction it can be for your organisation.

The hidden costs of recruitment

A recent survey by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development calculated that the average combined direct and indirect cost of recruiting a new employee, even at the most basic level, was more than £2000.

This analysis includes activity such as:

  • Preparing job details
  • Cost of advertising
  • Reviewing applications
  • Possible repeat of process if response rate is unsatisfactory
  • Writing an advertisement
  • Liaising with newspapers / Job Centre
  • Conducting interviews
  • Competence tests, licence checks, taking up references etc

Successful recruitment requires significant effort


The service we provide

We can recruit staff for you in the following areas:

Driving                                      Cat. C+E, Cat. C, PSV, 7.5 tonne, Vans, Cars, Fork Lift

Specialist skills                      ADR, HIAB, Multi-drop, IPAF

Non-driving logistics staff     Mates, Warehouse Operatives, Pickers/Packers etc

Public Sector                           Waste Disposal, Parks, Recreation, Other Operatives etc *

Professional / Managers      Logistics Co-ordinators, Transport Managers etc

* Driver Hire has held a Gangmasters Licence since 2006 

Many of our offices provide staff for an even wider range of roles – just ask your local office for more information

Customer Guarantee

Should any candidate leave in the first 10 weeks for any reason other than redundancy, we will replace that candidate completely free of charge

• In weeks 1-5 only, you may choose instead to receive a 50% rebate on fee already paid

Guarantee subject to full payment within 14 days of invoice, and maximum of one replacement only.


For full details on pricing, as well as our 10-week payment plan and any discounts that may be available where more than one vacancy is being filled, please contact your local Driver Hire office.

Driver Hire’s permanent recruitment service is simply a better way of recruiting 

When you ask Driver Hire to find a new member of staff for your organisation we will:

1 Take a full job brief and ‘person specification’ from you

– Details of role, type of person, licence requirements, vehicle type etc

2 Search our extensive database for suitable candidates

3 Advertise (as appropriate)

4 Interview and reference all candidates (and carry out competence assessments, licence and medical history checks etc as appropriate, all to ISO 9001 standards)

5 Match candidates to your specific requirements and provide you with a written short list

6 Brief candidates about the job, ensuring their interest and commitment

7 Arrange an interview programme at a time to suit you

8 Liaise between you and each candidate through to job offer, acceptance and commencement on your payroll

9 Post-placement follow-up with candidate

This entire service is at no cost to you unless we successfully fill the vacancy

Our permanent recruitment service can save you money and ensure you get the best candidate for the job.


Customer benefits

  • Reduced administration and hassle – avoid hidden costs
  • No success, no fee - no risk
  • Customer guarantee
  • Access to a local office with local candidates ensuring a fast response
  • Extensive nationwide database of quality assured candidates
  • Experienced recruitment staff who understand the logistics sector
  • One phone call accesses a genuinely nationwide recruitment service


Quality without compromise 

Full regulatory compliance and total quality control is at the root of everything we do. All of our business processes are designed to help us maintain the highest standards. For example:

  • Regular office audits, customer surveys, and a dedicated compliance department
  • In-house expertise and training on Road Transport Regulations, EU Drivers’ Hours, Digital Tachograph, Health & Safety etc
  • Candidate selection processes including thorough referencing and licence checks, face-to-face interviews and a 150-point skills assessment for all drivers
  • Team of Area Development Managers – helping to ensure nationwide standards

When you work with Driver Hire, you can be confident that we will work to the same exacting standards as your own.

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