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What can I use it for?

Booking Temporary Staff - enter your staff requirements and track the progress of all your bookings online. You can even request specific workers by name. You'll receive an email or text when your booking has been filled
Timesheet Management - hours worked by your temps are entered onto the system by the Driver Hire office supplying your staff. The Agency Management System then generates electronic timesheets* and displays their associated costs, which you can then approve (or reject) online
Invoice Approval - as a Driver Hire national account, all charge rates will be agreed centrally, and will be populated in the system. As a result of this, each timesheet becomes a proforma invoice, showing both hours and costs. Therefore, no invoice can be submitted to you until you have approved the hours and any other associated costs online, so errors are reduced to an absolute minimum
AWR Management - the system manages Agency Workers Regulations compliance, so you don't have to. It monitors the AWR status of all temps supplied, and alerts the relevant Driver Hire office when their worker is approaching the all-important 12-week AWR qualification status. We'll then contact you to discuss your preferred course of action
Third Party Agency Management - the system is capable of managing multiple suppliers where requested   
Want to know more?
For more information on Driver Hire's Agency Management System, or to arrange a free demonstration, please contact our National Accounts team:
Tel: 0844 846 0027
* Driver Hire will continue to hold paper copies for auditing purposes
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