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How will it benefit me?

Real Cost Savings - because the booking, timesheet and invoicing processes are all done online, you save both time & money:
* Allows users to authorise worker timesheets and agency invoices instantly
* Removes all associated administration & inconvenience
* Invoice errors are reduced to an absolute minimum
* Helps you maximise the productivity of your own operational and administrative staff
* Significantly reduces the hidden costs of administering agency invoices, queries & disputes
Improved visibility & control - see at a glance what temporary staff you have in each location at any time, why you're using them, and what it's costing you
Improved planning - once the system is in place, you'll be able to identify patterns in your temp usage using the reports function, and plan your temporary staff strategy accordingly
Improved booking fulfilment rate - when you place a booking on the Agency Management System, your local Driver Hire office works to fill the booking as quickly as possible. If for any reason they are unable to, AMS then automatically passes the opportunity to neighbouring Driver Hire offices.
You have the option of asking us to manage third party suppliers for you. If you do, and in the unlikely event that Driver Hire offices cannot directly fulfil your booking, the opportunity would pass to them.
What's more, we'll put you in control of your preferred supply list, so that you can define timescales for AMS to work to. All this means an improved booking fulfilment rate, and greater peace of mind for you.
Environmental Benefits - since the timesheet and invoicing processes are done online, the reduction in paper usage will benefit the environment, and can help you towards reaching your own environmental targets.
Want to know more?
For more information on Driver Hire's Agency Management System, or to arrange a free demonstration, please contact our National Accounts team:
Tel: 0844 846 0027
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