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Getting in on the Circus Act

‘Circus Starr’, also known as ‘the circus with purpose’, boasts an impressive range of world class acts including acrobats, jugglers, trapeze artists and, of course, clowns. It tours nationwide three times a year, visiting 75 different venues.
What sets ‘Circus Starr’ apart from the rest is that it’s a not-for profit social enterprise. It was established 25 years ago to provide an opportunity for disadvantaged or seriously ill children to enjoy a night out under the big top – for free. Along the way, it also raises money for charities local to the area it is visiting.

 “We’re an all-human, family friendly circus”, explains Mike Galley, their events co-ordinator. “The circus is a magical place; a wonderful arena for inclusion and equality, where the whole audience is united by the universal language of spectacle and laughter, regardless of circumstance, age or ability. Every year we give away £1.3m of tickets to children and their families, which are paid for by local businesses through our unique Donated Ticket Programme. As well as the free tickets, we’ve also raised more than £900,000 for local charities over the past 12 years.”
Whenever ‘Circus Starr’ is short of a driver they call on Driver Hire for help. “Sometimes we can send our own drivers back to pick up another vehicle”, Mike continues. “But if it’s a long distance between venues this isn’t a viable option. That’s when we call Driver Hire. We’ve used a number of offices around the UK, most recently Driver Hire Canterbury. Even when it’s short notice, Driver Hire delivers and we’ve been really happy with the quality of their drivers.”
‘Circus Starr’ is back on the road this autumn. If you’d like to buy some tickets and help a deserving local cause visit their website for more information: or call Michelle Crossley at the Circus Starr Head Office directly on 01260 288690.
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