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Winter Warning

 As we move past the middle of January, in terms of snow and ice, winter 2014 has barely put in appearance. However there’s no room for complacency. Those with long memories will recall that Winter 2013 delivered a late cold blast that left snow on the ground in April.
Of course, traffic disruption caused by harsh winter weather, adds up to more than inconvenience for all types of drivers. It has a negative impact on the economy too. So, keeping things moving as the snow comes down is vitally important at every level.

But just how prepared are we if a blizzard hits the UK? That’s the focus of the ‘Ready and Waiting’ report, published recently by the Government’s Transport Select Committee.

The report praises the Highways Agency for improvements in its winter resilience planning. However it is concerned about the provision of information to the public when bad weather arrives. The Committee is urging the Highways Agency to focus on this. It recommends the delivery of real-time information about road conditions and disruptions through social media in addition to traditional methods such as radio broadcasts and electronic signage on motorways.

For some helpful advice on how to stay safe when driving in winter weather, see our Winter Driving Guide.

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