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Who Turned the Lights Out?

Good news – come the final weekend in October we’ll all have an extra hour in bed when the clocks go back. Bad news – it means that winter is well and truly upon us.
Along with shorter days come plunging temperatures, frost, snow and traffic disruption.  Certainly, the last few winters have proved to be tough ones, with weather and illness all contributing to staff absences.
There is of course a quick fix when your own staff are thin on the ground – Driver Hire. Our temps have a handy habit of turning up against all the odds. In past years, when the heavy disruptive snow falls during the run-up to Christmas, clients have always been amazed that Driver Hire drivers made it to their depot when their own staff were snowed in, ensuring that key deliveries were made and deadlines met.
In winters past, a number of Driver Hire offices have supplied gritter drivers to help keep roads open and traffic flowing. We have even provided a Scottish council with quad bike drivers to grit pavements to make them safe for local shoppers.
So whatever winter 2013/14 brings us, remember Driver Hire’s round the clock service - the answer to your temporary staffing needs is never more than a phone call away.
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