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Van Speed Cap?

Ever been in the outside lane of a motorway travelling at 70mph when a transit van appears in your mirror and suggests you might move out of their way? It’s not just annoying, it’s downright dangerous.
So the news that members of the European Parliament are considering a cap on van speed limits is to be welcomed. Whatever your views on European bureaucrats, this time they could be on to something. A survey by iPhone app, DriveGain has shown that limiting your speed to 60mph can reduce fuel consumption by up to 10% whilst only adding a couple of minutes to your journey time.
Of course fuel savings resulting from improved driving are hardly news at Driver Hire. We’ve been offering Fuel Efficient Driving (FED) training courses for the last five years. It’s also one of our Driver CPC modules and we’ve recently added eFED, an easy to access online version.
“Constant speeding up and slowing down eats up fuel. It’s far better to travel at a steady constant speed,” says Richard Armitage, Driver Hire’s Director of Training. “But there’s more to fuel efficient driving than that. Improving the habits of your drivers is key. For instance, ensuring they plan their route before setting off can also lead to impressive gains in fuel efficiency. We were surprised to learn how many fleet operators don’t insist their drivers do this. All these issues and more are covered in Driver Hire’s Delivery Driving Driver CPC module.”

For more details on Driver Hire training courses, you can contact your local office or call Driver Hire Training on 0808 178 9977
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