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Van Excellence Moves Up The Agenda


If  vans are an essential part of your vehicle fleet, are you a member of the FTA’S ‘Van Excellence’ scheme? Launched in 2010 it aims to raise and recognise excellence in van fleets by ensuring that vehicles are properly maintained and specified. Amongst its members are some impressive names from UK plc including Balfour Beattie, British Gas, BT, DHL and HSS Hire.

The importance of the ‘Van Excellence’ scheme has just been heightened. According to a news report from the FTA, VOSA is turning its attention to the 3.2m vans in the UK. What is causing them concern is that around half of them fail their MOT. This means that there could, potentially, be over a million unroadworthy vans in use.

Of course we’re sure that your business is as scrupulous in its van safety checks and maintenance as it is for its bigger brother – the LGV. So why not get some recognition by joining the scheme? You can find out more by visiting

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