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Truckers Weigh In

Have you visited a Morrisons weigh-by on your travels recently? “A what?” you might ask. As part of Morrisons’ recent campaign to help truckers lose a few pounds, they set up “weigh-by” health check clinics at truck stops around the UK.
According to a survey carried out by the retailer, 28% of truckers are obese. To be fair on the guys, they aren’t happy about it; the same survey revealed that 41% of them are worried about their weight and 22% would like to be healthier. Sadly 34% felt that life on the road made this nigh on impossible.
But Morrisons charged to the rescue in their one-week initiative, which ran from 22nd- 29th October. As well as their “weigh-by” initiative, they served up their new range of healthier foods called NuMe which will be available at Morrisons across the UK in the very near future.
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