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Top Up Your Tank In Torquay!

At £95.13 for 79 litres of fuel, Torquay is the cheapest place in the UK to fill up with petrol. That’s what a Santander 123 Fuel Card survey has revealed. The average UK cost of filling a 79-litre tank with unleaded petrol is £97.37. Dumfries is the most expensive place, topping the table at £102.13.
All of which is a handy reminder of the importance of fuel efficient driving. Whether it’s behind the wheel of your own car or driving your employer’s vehicle, adopting fuel efficient driving techniques not only saves money, it makes you a better driver.
That’s why Driver Hire continues to promote fuel efficient driving – not just amongst its own team of temporary drivers, but is also spreading the message amongst its customers and their drivers too.
“Fuel bills account for around a third of the total cost of running a transport operation,” says Sophie Mason, Driver Hire’s e-Services Commercial Manager. “Whether you’re a small operator or running a fleet of hundreds of vehicles, the savings that can be made by driving in a more fuel efficient way are significant. And that counts for all types of vehicle.”
Driver Hire recently introduced eFED, an online fuel efficient driving training programme available to any business or organisation operating a fleet of commercial vehicles, as well as to individual drivers. It also includes fuel efficient driving in its range of Driver CPC training courses.
“Most of the techniques involved aren’t difficult,” Sophie continues. “Indeed official government figures show that savings of 10% are readily available and the actual results can be even more impressive. And of course, if fuel prices continue to rise, drivers who can show that they have been on a fuel efficient driving course will be more attractive to employers.”
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