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Time to check your vans?


Everyone knows that the ‘Daily Walk Around Check’ is essential for larger vehicles, and extending the check to vans in your fleet could prove to be a good move. That’s what data on annual vehicle testing recently released by VOSA is suggesting. It’s shown another improvement in the number of trucks passing at the first attempt. In the year ended 31st March 2013 it rose to 77.6% - an all time record.


Somewhat less cheering are the test performance figures for 3 and 3.5 tonne vans. Here only a disappointing  50.3% got the thumbs up first time around. Most common failures were lighting and signalling. VOSA also reported that 36% of vans inspected at their roadside checks had tyre defects.


A lot of the reasons for test failures would have been picked up if a ‘Daily Walk Around Check', similar to the one conducted by LGV drivers, had been carried out. So including it as part of your fleet management procedures makes sense.


As the VOSA stats reveal, the ‘Daily Walk Around Check’ will highlight defects at an early stage, extending component life and preventing a small repair becoming a big one. Fuel economy may also be improved.


For more information about introducing a Daily Walk Around Check for your vans, click here.



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