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Time for a Change

Along with New Year resolutions, January can be a time for a re-think;  a look to new horizons and to seek new challenges. For many it’s simply a change of job, but for the more ambitious, it might be time to become their own boss.
“That’s certainly the case at this time of year,” says Kasia Baldwin, Driver Hire’s Franchise Marketing Manager, “There’s always an increase in people looking for new opportunities. And that can lead them to consider a franchise, a fantastic opportunity to run their own business which, because you’re fully supported from day one and are buying into a proven business model, is regarded as a safer way into self employment.”

One of those who did just that last year was Adrian Underwood. He was finding his previous career as a project manager increasingly unsatisfying. Above all, as a family man, he felt he was spending too much time away from home.


Adrian now works alongside his wife Kate after buying Driver Hire Walsall. They’re just coming up to their first anniversary in their new venture. “Don’t get me wrong, it’s hard work,” says Adrian. “But it’s definitely improved my lifestyle and I’ve certainly no regrets.”

Right now, Driver Hire has franchise opportunities right across the UK – both resales and greenfield. If you’d like to find out what’s available and have a general chat about franchising opportunities with Driver Hire you can contact Kasia on 01274 361073 or email

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