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Slower Speeds, Happier People

Deaths resulting from road traffic accidents rose by 3% in 2011. This was the first increase for almost a decade.
This year, Brake, the road safety campaign group and organisers of ‘Road Safety Week’, has chosen ‘Slower Speeds = Happy People’ as the theme for this year’s event. The aim is to raise awareness of speed when driving near schools, shops or in any residential area.
“Of course it’s essential to be aware of your speed wherever you’re driving,” says Chris Chidley, Driver Hire’s CEO. “But limiting your speed to 20mph in residential areas makes it safer for vulnerable road users such as pedestrians or cyclists.”
To support the campaign, Driver Hire offices across the UK are sending special ‘Slower Speeds = Happy People’ posters to their customers. The same message will also be sent to Driver Hire drivers.
“This year Road Safety Week takes place from 19th - 25th November,” Chris continues. “At Driver Hire we believe that road safety is important 365 days a year – not just during Road Safety Week. That’s why we’re putting our full support behind the campaign and urging our customers to do the same.”
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