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Shark Shifter

Saving fish from a flood might seem like a bit of a pointless occupation. After all, aren’t they pretty well suited to dealing with that kind of thing? But that’s what driver Fred Apps found himself doing following the violent storms which hit the east coast in early December.


Fred is on the books at Driver Hire’s office in Wisbech. His boss, Amanda Jeffries, had been contacted by the Sea Life Centre in Hunstanton when a mix of gale force winds and exceptionally high tides had flooded the place and cut off the mains power. As a result, hundreds of fish needed a new temporary home and Sea Life Centre staff needed extra help to empty the tanks.

 "Initially I'd been told that I was going to be sharing a truck with a shark!" Fred explains. "When I got there, thankfully the shark has already gone. So I helped the Centre's staff catch the fish using buckets and nets, before loading them into tanks on an articulated lorry. It was a long job because we had to sort them into sea water and fresh water tanks. The worst moment was when a couple of piranhas escaped. Fortunately I’ve still got all my fingers!”

Amanda adds: “Drivers with experience in the transportation of live fish isn’t one of the jobs for which we get regular requests. Of course we were happy to help. To be honest, I think Fred was somewhat relieved he wasn’t on shark patrol!”

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