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Rooney calls time on coach

Most stories with a Wayne or a Rooney in them are football connected. However, on this instance it’s another Rooney making the news – North East Traffic Commissioner, Kevin.

He’s just put a temporary stop to operations at a Nottingham-based coach operator after it was forced to admit it hadn’t started Driver CPC training. Rooney ruled that the joint owner of the two-vehicle business must complete three days’ training before the suspension can be lifted.

This decision follows similar warnings by Senior Traffic Commissioner, Beverley Bell, that the authorities are going to come down hard on operators – whether LGV or PCV – who aren’t up to speed with Driver CPC training.

Commenting on the coach company case, Kevin Rooney said: “Despite the bus and coach industry being given 10 years’ notice of the need for drivers to hold the qualification, including five years of active publicity, this operator had left less than three months for drivers to complete it.”
With the deadline for PCV drivers coming in a year earlier than that for LGV drivers, this incident can be seen as an early warning for any LGV drivers or companies working with LGV drivers that it pays to get your Driver CPC training sorted sooner rather than later. So, if you have drivers to train (or are an LGV driver yourself), why not beat the last minute rush ahead of the September 2014 deadline by finding out more about Driver Hire’s Driver CPC training offer? We’ve just short of 90 offices offering it – the most comprehensive nationwide training Driver CPC training network. Over the past three years we’ve delivered nearly 250,000 hours of training and successfully trained 35,500 drivers.

So, has the long predicted dash for the Driver CPC deadline started? A question we put to Richard Armitage, Driver Hire’s Training Director. “There’s clear evidence from our offices that some operators still haven’t started training any of their drivers.  As a result they are looking to book five-day block courses. Whilst our courses are more targeted at LGV drivers, we’ve even had enquiries from PCV drivers desperate to complete the required number of hours training ahead of their September 2013 deadline. All of which suggests that we’re in for a busy year. So my advice, if you’re looking for worthwhile Driver CPC training that’s more than just a box ticking exercise, is to book soon.”
To find out more about Driver Hire Training’s Driver CPC offer, call 0808 178 9977 or visit the training pages of our website.
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