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Movie Mundy

Life can be full of surprises, even for a gas safety engineer!

Terry Mundy, who’s on the books at Driver Hire Southampton, is one of very few people who know how to operate a Field Maintenance Evacuation Unit (FMEU). It’s used to safely remove unused gas from a storage tank so the tank and valves can be checked and serviced. When the job is completed, the FMEU is then used to put the gas back into the storage tank.

So far, maybe not very exciting. But Terry’s skills are regularly in demand at the Fawley depot of Calor Gas. As well as supplying industry and domestic users, their products are often used on film sets when a major fire is required as part of the action.  As a result, Terry has been part of the crew on many top movies including ‘Skyfall’ and ‘War Horse’. If you stay right to the end, his name is included in the credits!

“Terry worked for Calor Gas and came to us when he retired,” says Greg Walter, the owner of Driver Hire Southampton. “His film career suits him very well. He’s met a number of famous movie stars and the film company always looks after him very well, ensuring he stays in only the very best hotels!”

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