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Maz Man

For just short of a century Italian car manufacturer, Maserati, have produced some of the world’s most exotic luxury cars. With a £80,000+ price tag, unless you happen to be a Premiership footballer, for the vast majority of us they’re the kind of vehicle that we can only dream about driving.
So you can imagine the slight surprise when Malcolm Niddrie-Davies, who works for Driver Hire Shrewsbury, was given the opportunity not only to drive a Maserati Quattroporte – but to get paid for the pleasure!

“I got a call from Andrew Deeming, owner of Driver Hire Shrewsbury to see if I was available to do a job the following day,” says Malcolm. “I was asked to report to a very fine Shropshire country house where I collected the car. I picked up the car’s owner and two of his clients from Birmingham International Railway Station and took them to a meeting. We then headed north via another meeting in Leeds and then onto a shooting lodge in Scotland, where I left my passengers before driving back to Shrewsbury.
It was a lot of miles in a day, but such a beautiful car to drive. The client was a really nice guy and made me feel very much at ease. But, boy was I glad to get the car safely home!”

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