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Maunfacturers Demand More Money For Roads

Forget the high speed rail link and put the money into the road network. That’s the message from a recently published survey by EEF the manufacturers’ organisation, on the UK’s crumbling and over-crowded road network.
Four fifths of respondents said that the road network was critical to their business with half saying that the poor state of the roads significantly increased their operating costs. Based on their findings, EEF has called on the Government to take the politics out of decision making and increase the priority it puts on investment in the road network and transport in general.
“For decades, political prevarication and policy reversals have left Britain in the slow lane in developing its infrastructure,” says EEF Head of Business Development, Roger Salomone. “In particular the road network is the backbone of the economy. But it has been neglected. We are now feeling the ill-effects with the majority of manufacturers reporting that the state of the nation’s roads is significantly increasing their operating costs. Investment should be targeted at shovel-ready maintenance projects and bringing forward upgrades to heavily congested arteries.”
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