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Love is in the air

We don’t like blind dates at Driver Hire. Exciting maybe, but when it comes to a perfect fit between drivers and clients it’s not worth the risk. So you can rest assured that even with Cupid at his busiest during February, when we're booking a date for a driver, we leave nothing to chance.

Our in-depth recruitment procedures set the industry standards. That’s what’s helped us become the UK’s leading specialist transport and logistics recruitment company. We supply staff to a wide range of organisations in both the public and private sector.

We also keep a close eye on the calendar. So whatever the big occasion, we ensure that we are ready and able to meet seasonal demand throughout the year. Right now, as we move towards springtime, we’re aware that better weather signals an increase in activity in the building and construction industry. So we're gearing up to meet additional demand for drivers of dumper trucks, skip wagons, excavators and other plant, building site and building supplies vehicles.
“Using staff from Driver Hire enables you to create a truly flexible workforce, so you can meet the peaks and troughs in demand,” says Chris Chidley, Driver Hire’s Chief Executive. “Whilst I think the coming twelve months will see some improvement in the economic outlook, it's important for all employers to keep a keen eye on labour costs. Using skilled and reliable temps can help you do that.”
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