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Load Security Under Scrutiny

As you may be aware, VOSA is upping its scrutiny of load security. This follows an in-depth two year study involving the Health & Safety Executive, the Health & Safety laboratory, the RHA and VOSA. This has resulted in a new set of guidelines that will be used by transport professionals and enforcement officers to assess load safety and security.
“Whilst the actual legislation hasn’t changed, VOSA will use the new guidelines to assess whether or not to issue roadside prohibitions or advisory notices depending on the severity of the offence,” says Driver Hire’s Quality Director, Jeremy Neale. “So it’s vitally important that operators ensure their drivers are aware of the new regime. Doing things the way they’ve always been done may no longer be a satisfactory approach.”
Fortunately, Driver Hire is on hand to help. We have a  Driver CPC module  dedicated to safer loading and unloading of goods verhicles. And we’ve produced a special ‘Load Security’ poster with assistance and input from the Engineering Safety Unit of the Health & Safety laboratory. The poster covers the basics of load security including a ‘30-second reminder check list’.
To obtain your free poster, contact Driver Hire’s Marketing Team on 0844 846 0074 or email
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