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Fuel Efficient Driving Online

Fuel bills account for around a third of the total cost of running a transport operation. Had the planned January 2013 increase in diesel prices gone ahead they would have been heading towards another record high. The current price per litre is 115.66p - the all time record is 117.66p.  With this year's Budget looming on the horizon, the RHA has raised its concerns with the Chancellor, George Osbourne. Whether this affects his decision will remain to be seen.
There is another way to keep a lid on those fuel bills – whether you're running a small or large fleet of vehicles:  train your drivers how to drive more fuel efficiently. Learning how to do that has just become a whole lot easier thanks to eFED – Driver Hire's online fuel efficient driving training.
“This innovation is unique and meets customers' needs in a number of ways,” says Jeremy Neale, Driver Hire's IT Director. “It delivers high quality training whenever and wherever it's most convenient for your drivers. That's a big plus for employers in an industry where tight deadlines are the norm and releasing drivers for training is difficult.”
The online course delivers measurable results using pre and post assessments. There's also a learning management system allowing employers to keep track of exactly what training has taken place. eFED also allows drivers to revisit the training at any time for a whole year at no additional cost.
“Training is received much better when it's delivered in an enjoyable way,” Jeremy continues. “That's been our aim with our new training product. And, of course, it's delivering real value for money because the savings made can be significant. Government figures based on the Safe And Fuel Efficient Driving Scheme (SAFED) show that savings of 10% are readily achievable – and actual results can be even more impressive.”
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