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Food for Thought

There are so many things we take for granted. As a for instance, we trust that the food we buy from major high street retailers isn’t likely to give us a nasty dose of food poisoning. What we may not realise is that there are companies out there whose business is ensuring that is the case. Ashwood UK – a leading microbiology and chemistry laboratory – is one of them.

Our Galashiels based office, Driver Hire Borders, is currently supplying the company with a laboratory assistant. “They test food items for many of the UK’s leading food retailers to ensure that it’s free from  bacterial contamination that may lead to food poisoning,” says Jason Martin, recruitment consultant at Driver Hire Borders.
“Ashwood have a member of staff on long-term sick (not as result of food poisoning!) and needed someone to cover for them,” Jason continues. “They had recruited someone, but it didn’t work out. So they approached us to find the right person for the job.”

Finding lab technicians and assistants to test a wide range of food products isn’t one of Driver Hire’s more regular requests. But with a short burst of advertising, Jason quickly found Adrian Donohue.

“The team at Borders keep in regular contact with us to see if we need any staff,” says their Operations Manager, Sarah Green. “So when we needed a replacement they were our first call. As it’s for sickness cover, it made sense to put it through an agency because this gives us added flexibility. Jason was really helpful.

 Adrian is doing a great job for us and has quickly found his feet in our busy laboratory testing team. So much so, that we’ve now offered him a permanent position here, which I’m delighted to say, he’s accepted.”

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