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Driver Hire's Driver Hero

Daniel Hurst (36), an agency driver who works for the Stockport office of Driver Hire, is a bit of a hero. Whilst working on a contract for CEMEX UK, the leading building materials provider, he became a true ‘knight of the road’.
The drama kicked off on a dark and wet October evening when he was negotiating the A57 Snake Pass whilst at the wheel of a 32-tonne tipper truck. “I was heading towards Sheffield when something caught my eye at the side of the road”, Daniel recalls. “So I pulled over to take a closer look.”
“It was all a bit surreal. There was a car about eight feet off the carriageway, on its side, engine running with the wheels still turning round. The car was resting against a tree, hanging over a ditch which was full of water torrenting into Ladybower Reservoir. I got a torch from my cab, had a closer look and saw there was a young woman inside it.”
Daniel flagged down another passing vehicle and got them to call the emergency services whilst he set about securing the vehicle so it didn’t slip any further down the embankment. “I reversed my truck onto the side of the road and tied a heavy duty strap from its tow bar and then around one of the car’s axles.”
The road was closed for at least an hour whilst the emergency services successfully extricated the young lady from her vehicle which was then winched back to the roadside. Amazingly the car driver was uninjured.
Commenting on Daniel’s actions, a Derbyshire Constabulary spokesman said: “His quick thinking meant that there was no chance the vehicle could slip. He did a really good job.”
Craig Williamson, Director, Supply Chain and Logistics CEMEX UK added: “Health and Safety is our No.1 priority, including road safety. We require the highest standards from all our drivers. That includes agency drivers from companies such as Driver Hire, our recruitment partners for the past three years. Through his actions, Daniel has shown all the qualities and attributes we expect from all our drivers. We’re delighted that he was on hand to provide help when it was needed and thankful that the young lady he rescued didn’t suffer any serious injuries as a result of her accident.”
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