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Driver CPC Progress

With a year to go, what’s the industry’s overall progress on Driver CPC? Figures produced by the DSA show that out of the estimated 500,000-750,000 PCV and LGV drivers in the UK, 634,000 are now engaged in Driver CPC training. The downside is that that means a potential 120,000 drivers haven’t done any training at all – and possibly don’t intend to.
So, is the long predicted dash for the deadline about to start? A question we put to Richard Armitage, Driver Hire’s Director of Training: “There’s clear evidence from our offices that some operators still haven’t started training any of their drivers.  As a result they are looking to book five-day block courses. All of which suggests that we’re in for a busy year when it comes to catering for the remaining LGV drivers needing to complete their training. So my advice, if you’re looking for worthwhile Driver CPC training, is to book soon.”
Bob McKinlay is the owner of Driver Hire’s Twickenham office and a Driver CPC trainer. His training facility is already in use almost every day of the week. “We’ve been busy since the start of the year,” says Bob. “We run courses when customers want them, so there’s always plenty of demand at a weekend. The fact that our training room is in use regularly suggests to me that there are plenty of local operators and businesses who haven’t got any training space of their own.  Of course, if it’s more convenient for the client, we’re equally happy to come to them.”



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