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Driver CPC - take the initiative. Now!

Right now, you’re probably too busy dealing with the pre-Christmas rush to even considerDriver CPC training. But in a month’s time things are likely to be somewhat quieter. The early weeks of the new year are traditionally a quiet time in transport & logistics. All of which makes it a perfect opportunity to arrange some catch-up training.
Driver Hire offices up and down the country are certainly noticing a big up-tick in bookings. Kath Green looks after Driver CPC for our Manchester office. “During the whole of November we trained 115 drivers,” says Kath. “Before the end of the first week in December we’d already booked 80 drivers for courses in January. What we’re saying to customers is: get on with it during the early part of the year because come summertime we think it could be absolute chaos as drivers and employers scramble to meet the September deadline.” 
It’s a similar story in the south east. Courses in January at Driver Hire Ashford are more or less sold out for January already. “One company is completing the whole of its Driver CPC training over 3.5 days in the middle of January,” says Dawn Moss, the office’s Driver CPC trainer. “Another customer is Osmond’s Tippers. They’ve trained with us for the last three years and their guys are coming in to complete their first 35 hours of training. Looking ahead, we’re already taking bookings for May and June.”

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