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Christmas Plans In Place


‘Fail to prepare; prepare to fail’ - a quote from 18th century American statesman and inventor, Benjamin Franklin. Three hundred years on, his advice is still spot on. That’s why, with the business build-up to Christmas already starting, we’re offering all our customers a free ‘Christmas Holiday Planner’ to help you prepare to succeed.


For many businesses – particularly those in transport and logistics – the next couple of months are the busiest of the year as they work to meet Christmas delivery deadlines. Getting there involves a lot of hard work, but you can make things a whole lot easier with some forward planning.

And that’s where Driver Hire and our Christmas Holiday Planner will help. From multi-drop through to cat C+E drivers, warehouse staff or pickers and packers, we can help you fill just about any transport and logistics role. Using your Christmas Holiday Planner will help you spot those days when you need extra staff to cover for holidays or peaks in business demand.

All in all, using quality temporary staff is a perfect way to create a truly flexible and cost efficient workforce. To obtain your free Christmas Holiday Planner, simply contact your local Driver Hire office.

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