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Baz's Decade Double

Whilst the TUC and others are questioning whether the Agency Workers Regulations are working, Driver Hire Nottingham’s Barry (Baz) Mitchell is clearly happy with his lot. He’s just clocked up 21 years with Driver Hire.

As Baz has discovered, agency work with a reputable recruitment company has a whole host of advantages. His 21 years with Driver Hire is possibly a record in the world of temping where, by its very nature, workers are constantly moving on. During his time with Driver Hire, Baz has worked for three of our offices: Burton, Derby and Nottingham, driving a 7.5 tonne vehicle on a wide variety of jobs for local businesses.
In fact, that’s the reason why Baz – who’s now 67 – has stayed with Driver Hire well past his official retirement age. “I don’t want to be stuck working for the same company, driving the same routes. With Driver Hire every day is a new job, new faces and a new journey. It’s the variety that keeps me coming back for more. And of course, agency work means that if I don’t want to work, I can always say no!”
Not that Baz often does that, according to Darren Sweeney, his manager at Driver Hire Nottingham. “On average he does around three days a week for us, but if the work is there, he’s happy to do more,” says Darren. “Baz is always flexible. What’s more, he doesn’t mind being called in the early hours of the morning to see if he’s available for a shift. Over the years he’s developed a real affinity with customers at all three offices, many of whom ask for him by name.”

Nor has Baz any intention of hanging up his ignition keys just yet. “I enjoy working for Driver Hire. So if I can, I’d like to work on until I’m 70,” he concludes.

As Darren Sweeney points out, Baz is a perfect example of how well the flexibility of temporary work benefits both worker and client. “It gives our clients a cost efficient workforce that can be tailored to meet peaks and troughs in business activity. And, of course, it gives workers flexibility and variety. Baz’s enthusiasm for his work is a great example to all of us.”

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