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Driver Case Studies

Duane Collis

Duane is an outgoing, pleasant, young family man who joined Driver Hire in October 2003 as a NLGV driver. Even at his first interview, Duane impressed the office staff with his enthusiasm, drive and his cheeky grin. It was apparent at this early stage, his potential for a career within Driver Hire was evident and once referenced, Duane was quickly put to work as a NLGV driver.

He rapidly became known as a very good multidrop driver and his services were requested regularly due to his willingness to go that one step further than required. Duane fitted the criteria to enable Driver Hire to place him on an ESF funded training scheme to upgrade his licence to Category C. He passed his theory test easily and then went on to complete his practical training, passing his Cat C test first time. The natural progression was then for Duane to train to Cat C+E. He applied for and was accepted on Driver Hire’s City and Guilds Commercial Driver Training Scheme, which involved a week’s classroom based training. He passed this with flying colours.

It is anticipated that Duane will soon pass his cat C+E test and fulfil his ambition to be a professional driver. Other training courses will follow and as Duane becomes more experienced, his earning potential will increase.

Jim Duff

Born in Scotland, Jim Duff was already a qualified PCV coach and bus driver, He was looking for a change of career when he spotted a Job Centre advert for a Driver Hire ‘Works Trials’.

As you’d expect, as an existing professional driver, Jim came through with flying colours. We took him onto our books. He acquired his category C licence very quickly and moved onwards and upwards, attaining a C+E licence 10 weeks later.

But his training didn’t stop there. Jim has since added IPAF certification, which enables him to use high access equipment. He’s also achieved an accreditation for Car Transporter Operations.

Jim’s 100% professional approach meant he quickly became a popular choice for Driver Hire’s clients. As a result, he was offered a permanent job with one of them. Jim will always be assured of a warm welcome at Driver Hire should he ever decide to return to agency work.

Simon Taylor

Simon joined Driver Hire after being made redundant. He’d no previous commercial driving experience, but was very keen to become a professional driver.

After successfully completing the induction process, Simon started his career in the haulage industry on a placement at Rathbones Bakery, working on the loading bay where he gained valuable experience. He then started 7.5 tonne driving.

Simon was placed on an EU funded training scheme for his category C licence which he acquired in January this year. As Simon had more than proved his loyalty to Driver Hire, he was accepted onto the Driver Hire City & Guilds Commercial Driver Training Scheme. Simon completed the 5-day theory course with excellent grades, achieving 100% in the majority of the modules.

Simon’s training has continued and he’s since added his lorry mounted crane certificate. He’ll be taking his category C+E test later this month.

Simon’s professional approach to his work has earned him a huge amount of respect with our clients and us. Always very smartly dressed, his flexibility ensures that he’s always kept busy.

Simon Lyon

Simon Lyon has plenty to celebrate right now. He’s recently passed his C+E LGV driving test. He started work at Driver Hire as a non-LGV driver in October 2002.

He came to us from another agency having heard that Driver Hire were offering funded category C training to drivers who had proved themselves to be professional, reliable and loyal. After a successful interview and induction, Simon became well known to Driver Hire’s clients as a very good 7.5 tonne driver. He was in constant demand, sufficient proof for the staff at Driver Hire to place Simon on a “Drive to Excellence” scheme.

It enabled Simon to pass his category C test first time. Since then he’s has been on a long-term assignment. He was recently accepted on the Driver Hire City and Guilds Commercial Driving Scheme, which he passed with ease.

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