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Do you know the consequences?

Do you know the consequences for both drivers and operators who don't meet their Driver CPC obligations?
Whilst it is the driver's responsibility to carry their Driver Qualification Card (DQC), the DVSA can and does also punish operators who can't show that they are taking 'active steps' toward ensuring that their drivers have a valid Driver CPC.
There are serious consequences for failing to do so. If a driver is caught driving commercially without the Driver Qualification Card (DQC):
  • Both driver and operator face fines of up to £1000
  • The driver will be suspended from driving commerically until training is completed

    - possible reduction in driving workforce, and operations adversely affected
    - if operations are affected, your reputation with customers could be damaged
  • If convicted, the operator's OCRS rating will drop to red
  • Likely increase in operator's insurance premiums
To date we've trained over 100,000 drivers via our nationwide network of over 100 trainers, and have a wide range of high quality, interactive modules to choose from.
Driver CPC is an ongoing requirement, so if you would like some help putting together a training plan, then call Driver Hire Training.
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