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Fuel Efficient Driving

      The cost of fuel remains one of the biggest costs
      for any transport operation.

Whether you’re a small operator or running a fleet of hundreds of vehicles, the savings that can be made by driving in a more fuel efficient way are really significant. This module provides drivers with a range of effective and easily adopted techniques to help them drive in a safer and more fuel efficient manner. 

      This is a 3½ hour course, which can be combined with any of our other 3½ hour
      modules to complete
the required 7 hours of Driver CPC training. 

The course includes:

  • Why is fuel efficiency so important?
  • What to do before you set off
  • What to do whilst out driving
  • What to do when back at base

Course objectives

By the end of the session, drivers will be able to demonstrate an awareness of the key principles of fuel efficient driving, and understand the importance of this. In fact, the lessons learned during this course have been shown to help drivers deliver fuel economy gains of over 20%. 

Choose the best Driver CPC training for your team

At Driver Hire Training, we believe that Driver CPC can and should be a genuinely worthwhile investment for your business. 

All of our courses are engaging, interactive and delivered by trained professionals. We have now delivered more than 100,000 driver training days throughout the UK, earning exceptional driver satisfaction ratings. By choosing Driver Hire Training, not only are you helping your drivers to meet their legal obligations, you are also providing them with skills and knowledge that will make a real difference to your organisation. If you would like to know more about how we can help you, please click here to fill in the on-line form, alternatively you can call us FREE on  0808 178 9977




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