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Stay Sharp, Stay Focused

Particularly for professional drivers, the familiarity of being behind the wheel can make you become over confident. It's easy to feel safe, cocooned in your vehicle.
This can lead to multi-tasking and doing other things as well as driving. The most obvious is mobile phone use when there’s no hands-free set in the car. This is of course illegal. But there are plenty of ‘legal’ distractions that the honest will admit to: eating, drinking, retuning the radio or reading instructions to find your destination. Indeed, driver distraction is a major cause of death and serious injury on our roads.

That’s why Driver Hire offices supported this year’s ‘Road Safety Week’ The theme for this year was avoiding driver distractions, as Chris Chidley, Driver Hire’s Chief Executive explains: “The UK has one of the best road safety records in the world. The number of people killed on our roads has fallen from 5,500 in the mid-1980s to 1,754 in 2012. This is a significant reduction and, undoubtedly, good news.
But behind those impressive figures lies the fact that five people are killed every day on UK roads as a result of traffic collisions.  A further 23,000 are seriously injured.”
Every death is a major tragedy for the victims’ nearest and dearest. And the simple truth is that many of the deaths and injuries could have been avoided with greater attention to the task in hand – driving. To support the campaign, Driver Hire sent out ‘top tips’ cards to drivers, with helpful advice on how to avoid driver distraction and stay focused when behind the wheel. “At Driver Hire we believe that road safety is important 365 days a year – not just during Road Safety Week”, Chris Chidley concludes. “That’s why we put our full support behind the campaign.”
These are our Top Tips for staying focused behind the wheel:
•  Recognise what distracts you
•  Make use of in-car technology only when it is safe to do
•  Pull over if you need to do something which means you’re not 100% focused
•  Above all, concentrate on your driving and never attempt to multi-task
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