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Safer Cycling - with CEMEX

The number of cyclists on UK roads is increasing. Official figures show a 15% increase in urban cycling nationwide, meaning that a staggering 2.5m people are making at least one daily cycling trip.

Whilst this is great news for the environment and for professional drivers (fewer cars means less congestion), it does have a darker side. Last year 24 cyclists were killed in accidents involving an LGV. That’s 20% of the total cycling fatalities, yet lorries only represent 5% of all traffic.

That’s one of the reasons why CEMEx, the leading global supplier of cement, ready mix concrete, aggregates and asphalt launched a campaign which aims to reduce this grim figure. Alongside a major press campaign they’ve encouraged 3,000 cyclists to climb into the cab to see things from the driver’s viewpoint.

They also attended a cycling awareness day which was part of Newcastle & Gateshead Bike Week. Our Newcastle office is a major supplier of drivers to the local CEMEx depot and helped out on the stand. Office Manager is Janet Lambert. “The vast majority of accidents take place when trucks are turning left at road junctions. The CEMEx campaign highlights the importance of drivers being aware of cyclists coming down their blind-side, but it also reminds cyclists that they must never undertake LGVs – particularly at traffic lights.”
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