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Rolls Royce Service

The PSP Southampton Boat Show is the UK’s leading outdoor boat show. So what’s this sea-faring jamboree got to do with Driver Hire?
A question Southampton franchisee Greg Walter asked himself when he took a call from Princess, a leading brand in the world of luxury motor yachts.

As it turned out, Princess weren’t looking for someone to sail the seven seas. They wanted two drivers to chauffeur VIPs from London airports to the show. “They’ll need to get to Rolls Royce in Chichester and pick up a 2011 plated Phantom and a Ghost,” said the caller, before adding: “The Phantom’s worth about £300,000 and the Ghost £194,000”. So no pressure then?
The chosen drivers were Rod Cornerby and Joe Ingate. After a week and a bit fetching and carrying, you won’t be surprised to learn that they returned the vehicles in the same immaculate condition as when they left. Rolls Royce service indeed. The only problem they’ve had is re-adjusting to driving the slightly less luxurious cars they call their own!
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