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Road user charge for foreign trucks

The Government has announced that foreign lorries using UK roads will be
charged up to £1,000 a year from the year 2015.

The current situation is that UK haulierstravelling to mainland Europe have to pay road
charges; foreign registered trucks coming into the UK pay nothing. The long awaited move to level the competitive playing field was announced by Transport Secretary Patrick McLouglin. He described it as: “a vital shot in the arm for the UK haulage industry.”

Although the charge will also apply to UK trucks, they will benefit from a corresponding
cut in vehicle excise duty – the net result being that they will pay no more than they are
doing now.
Commenting on the announcement, Geoff Dunning, Chief Executive of the Road Haulage Association described it as a “happy day for hauliers.”

He added: “We’ve been campaigning for years to see a system introduced which will lessen the financial advantage currently enjoyed by our European neighbours. Mr McLoughlin is obviously very aware of the important role played by UK hauliers in rebuilding the economy, increasing UK competitiveness and boosting growth."
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