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Mick Gets A Blue One

Teesside Cat. C+E driver, Mick Simpson, completed his first 35 hours of Driver CPC training during the summer. That means he’s qualified for a blue card and joins other Driver Hire drivers from across the network who are already in this elite club.
L-R: Dave Graham, Franchisee of Driver Hire Teesside, with Mick Simpson.

“I decided to get on with it because I thought the longer it goes, the more it will cost. I didn't want to get caught up in a last minute rush,” says Mick. “I've been an LGV driver for 25 years but I still learnt things from doing it; mainly on Drivers' Hours and the Working Time Directive.”

According to the Driving Standards Authority, there are estimated to be up to 500,000 LGV, bus and coach drivers in the UK. Out of these, only 19,500 drivers have matched Mick’s achievement.

LGV drivers now have less than 3 years left to complete the 35 hours’ training required to qualify for their Driver Qualification Card. “Our message to employers and drivers is to get on board, as CPC is here to stay,” says Rod Harlow, Head of Driver CPC at Driver Hire. “So, if you’ve not made a start, or have fallen behind your schedule, then we strongly recommend you contact your nearest Driver Hire office to find out about local Driver CPC training.”
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