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Make yourself fuel efficient

March produced a double whammy for transport operators. The Road Haulage Association (RHA) revealed that the price for bulk diesel hit a new record high.

Members reported paying 117.58p per litre (excluding VAT) – that’s 1.18ppl above the previous high. And then the budget confirmed that the 3.02ppl fuel duty increase will go ahead in August, adding a further £1,200 to the annual costs of
running a large vehicle.

All of which makes fuel efficient driving a ‘must have’ skill - as owner driver, Colin Peacock, found when he completed Driver Hire’s Driver CPC Fuel Efficient Driving training module. “Quite a few of the lads on the course were tipper drivers, like me.

“At one point during the day we had a big debate about the value of sheeting up - we’d been told that it helped fuel efficiency. To be honest, we were all a bit sceptical. Anyway,
I tested it over a two month period and found it gave me an extra quarter of a mile to the gallon. So doing the training is paying me back and at this rate it may well pay for all my Driver CPC!”
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