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Keep an eye on your eyesight

It pays to have regular eye tests. In fact failure to do so can result in the loss of your livelihood. That’s what category C+E driver, Gareth Wells has discovered.

Gareth, who was a driver on the books at Driver Hire Birmingham, has held an LGV licence for over 20 years. An experienced driver, he’d noticed some deterioration in his eyesight so he booked a routine eye test at Specsavers in Yardley. He’d assumed he simply needed a new pair of specs.

But his vision problem proved to be far more sinister. The optometrist at Specsavers realised that something wasn’t quite right. In fact, following an appointment at Sheffield Eye Hospital, it was confirmed that Gareth had a cancerous tumour at the back of
his eye.
He was prescribed radiotherapy treatment to kill the tumour, but unfortunately, as a consequence, Gareth was left blind in one eye. He was then offered revolutionary  surgery which has saved his sight.
Gareth reported his vision problems and subsequent treatment to the DVLA who, following a field test, sadly had to revoke his LGV licence. The story does however have a happy ending. Because of Gareth’s vast experience and exemplary record with Driver Hire, his boss, Jim Richards, offered him work in the office. He’s now undergone training and is using his industry knowledge to deliver Driver CPC courses.

“I hadn’t really appreciated how important regular eyesight checks are – not just for helping your vision but in picking up other potential health problems,” says Gareth. “I’ve urged all my family and friends to make sure they visit their optician, and will certainly make sure I keep up my regular appointments.”
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