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Jumping For Joy

We caught up with Lucy Booth at a building site near Bodmin. Lucy has a category C licence with HIAB and when it comes to local deliveries to construction sites, Lucy is Driver Hire Plymouth’s first choice.

She’s also pick of the bunch at a number of pubs when she takes over as a drayman (should that be woman?) for local real ale producers, Sharps Brewery.

And Lucy’s skills don’t end there. Out of the cab, she’s an accomplished horse rider. Aboard her steed, a New Forest Pony called Woodrow Portmans (Porks for short), she’s qualified for the Mountain & Moorlands Section of the ‘Horse of the Year Show’. Porks is an 11-year old chestnut stallion and they’ve been a successful sporting partnership for seven years. 

“I started doing deliveries for a local deli,” says Lucy. “I had to upgrade my licence so I could drive my horse-box. I then discovered that having a category C licence gave me a huge number of driving options. I signed up with Driver Hire and here I am. I love driving and, as a true country girl, narrow country lanes are no problem. It’s towns and cities that give me the heebie jeebies.  

“Last time we were at the ‘Horse of the Year Show’ we were fourth. If we come home with a rosette and some prize money I’ll be jumping for joy.”


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