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Happy 5th Birthday, WTR


It’s five years since the Road Transport (Working Time) Regulations came into force.
So maybe it’s
time for a bit of revision.


Test your knowledge of Working Time by tackling our five regulation teasers:


1. What is ‘night time’ for a driver of goods vehicles?


2. What do the initials POA stand for?


3. Are safety checks, loading and unloading included in working time?


4. How many hours on average may be worked in a single week?


5. How many consecutive hours of rest should you take in each 24 hour period?


Not sure about your answers?

Check out the Driver Hire resources page to brush up on your knowledge.


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If you’re confident that you can answer our RT(WT)R questions then go to the

teamtalk competition page and enter your answers and details online.


All correct entries will then be entered into a prize draw.
One lucky winner will be
chosen at random.

Deadline for entries is 31st August 2010.

Click here for full terms & conditions available.


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