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Fresh thinking at the bakery

The transport team at Wrexham based business, ‘The Village Bakery’ had a low opinion of Driver CPC. Following its introduction (for LGVs) in 2009, they saw it as a Government money-making exercise and one that had precious little to do with the success of their operation.

Their view changed after an approach by Driver Hire Training’s Jim Kirwin. The Bakery handed responsibility for Driver CPC training to him. Actually doing the training changed the minds, not just of Chris Gibson (Village Bakery’s Sales and Transport Manager), but those of his two management team colleagues, 26 drivers, and the Board. Chris reports it’s making a big difference to the team’s overall efficiency, morale and success.

The most comprehensive training offer in the UK
Driver Hire continues to offer possibly the most comprehensive Driver CPC training offer in the UK. Across the country we’ve got over 100 accredited trainers operating in 67 locations. Since we launched in 2010 we’ve clocked almost 50,000 hours of training and trained around 7,000 drivers.
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