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Driver Hire's Olympic Champion

Pre-Olympics, Driver Hire London South West are on the lookout for a driver for a once in a lifetime experience – driving the open top bus that will be carrying the Olympic torch around the country.
It’s 70 days’ work for a PCV licence holder. If you’re interested, contact Paul Farmer at Driver Hire London South West (020 8544 9500).

And with the Olympic village on their doorstep, our East London office is in on the action too. “We’re supplying drivers for the Canadian team bus and one to transport broadcasting equipment for Japanese TV and radio teams,” says franchisee Richard Pugh.

Driver Hire’s Olympic involvement won’t stop there. We’re counting on it affecting our network far beyond the 20 or so offices in London and the South East. After all, it’s the biggest peacetime logistics event ever. That’s why we started planning for the Olympics early, and we’ll be fully prepared to provide the additional drivers that’ll be needed.

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