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Driver CPC Dawdler

Driver CPC news from the Driving Standards Authority (DSA) shows that over 258,000 professional drivers are now proud holders of a Driver Qualification Card; proof that they’ve completed their first 35 hours of Driver CPC training. 
The DSA’s September update also shows that a further 671,000 drivers have started training but haven’t, as yet, completed the process. All of which leaves around 80,000 drivers who, it would seem, are doing their best to ignore Driver CPC altogether.

If you’re amongst those who are dawdling or just downright determined not to do it, then maybe now is the time to think again. Here’s why. If all the predictions prove correct, experienced drivers with an LGV licence are going to be in big demand in the years ahead. The economy is recovering and people and businesses are spending more. LGV drivers continue to be a skill that’s in short supply. All of which suggests that your LGV licence could be a really useful asset in the coming months.

Of course you don’t have to drive full time. We have plenty of drivers, some part-retired, some working in other professions, who enjoy driving as and when they need to, in order to earn extra cash.
The deadline is 10th September 2014 after which you can no longer drive an LGV for a living. Driving after the deadline without a DQC means you’ll be fined £1000. So our advice is - don’t dawdle on Driver CPC.
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