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Driven To Distraction

One in three drivers admits to having crashed – or nearly crashed – as a result of driver distraction. Nearly 80% of crashes involve some form of driver inattention. Those are the headline results from a recent survey conducted by Green Flag.

And yet a disturbing number of drivers continue to ignore the dangers of driver distraction. Examples include a driver who killed three young men whilst changing channels on a car radio. And, of course, there have been numerous fatal crashes where the use of a hand-held mobile phone has distracted the driver. Whilst mobile phones are the most high profile distraction, stereos, sat nav and eating at the wheel all reduce a driver’s reaction times. 

Another key factor is a driver’s state of mind. A worrying 79% of drivers admitted to driving when they felt stressed, annoyed or upset. Angry drivers are more likely to take risks such as: speeding, rapidly switching lanes, tailgating and jumping lights.

“Most of us drive every day. It’s something we’re very familiar with. But it’s important that we never forget that it’s a complex activity that requires our full attention.” says Jeremy Neale, Driver Hire’s Head of Quality Management.

“This survey should make us all think about the way we drive and whether, through our actions, we’re putting others at risk.”

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